Büyükelçinin Mesajı

Dear guests,

The historic special ties between Turkey and Switzerland provide for the solid ground and the necessary potential to enhance and expand the friendly relations in every field to the mutual benefit of our countries.

Relations between Switzerland and the Republic of Turkey have continued to develop in all areas of significance and gained a new momentum with the respective visits at Presidential and ministerial levels.

The substantial development and the continuous progress of commercial and economic bilateral relations between Turkey and Switzerland has also been witnessed in 2015, with the volume of trade between the two countries which has reached to USD 8,1 billion, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI). (Exports of Turkey: USD 5.6 billion and imports of Turkey: USD 2.4 billion - TSI).

An approximate number of 130 thousand Turkish citizens constitute a special and strong human bond and cultural bridge between our two countries. I am pleased to witness that the members of the Turkish community are well integrated and make significant contributions to the harmony of the Swiss society.

During my tenure, I am determined to develop and strengthen our relations in all fields with Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

On behalf of my colleagues at the Turkish Embassy and myself, I extend our best wishes to the visitors of our website.


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